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    Tri-County Community Resources, Inc. works to improve the health,

    well-being, and overall success of individuals and families living in the Tri-Counties.

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    Tri-County Community Resource Center

    Our Mission: To work in partnership with the public by providing services, resources, and information to benefit the needs of our community.


    Tri-County Community Resources, Inc. (TCCR) is a grassroots organization comprised of businesses, agencies, and community members dedicated to helping tri-county residents connect to critical services, programs, and supports!


    In 2015, after many years of hard work and dedication by TCCR, along with faith-partners, residents, and community leaders who shared a vision, Tri-County Community Resource Center opened its doors. The Resource Center seeks to proactively serve those in need before they reach a crisis. A one-stop "resource hub," the Resource Center uses a community-centered approach to connect those in need with existing resources and supports. TCCR assists by supporting daily operations and identifying gaps in local services/supports, advocating to make these resources available to community members.


    Tri-County Community Resource Center has no dedicated state or federal funding stream. The Resource Center is overseen by the TCCR board, which is comprised of nine key community stakeholders dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of tri-county residents. Partnership for Strong Families provides one full-time Resource Center Manager and one part-time administrative support personnel. Additional overhead and programming expenses are sustained through grants, community collaboration, and the generosity of donations.


    Our Programs and Services:
    With a focus on protecting children, supporting parents, and assisting residents in achieving self-reliance, Tri-County Community Resource Center offers an array of on-site services and referral assistance.


    The Resource Center provides services and supports that include the following: children's clothing closet, emergency food closet, early childhood learning referrals, car seat assistance, safe sleep & parenting supports, children's activities, community dinners, counseling referrals, health screenings, free internet/computer use, copying/printing/faxing, public housing application assistance, nutrition education, cooking classes, rent/utility referral assistance (based on availability/eligibility), rotating job board and job application/resume assistance, notary services, financial literacy/budgeting workshops, legal assistance referrals, crisis referrals and much more. The Resource Center offers community-driven services that are regularly updated and expanded. Please consult the monthly calendar for the most up-to-date programs and supports.

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